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"An entire Cornish game hen stuffed with glutinous rice, jujubes, and whole garlic cloves in an earthenware bowl of delicately flavored ginseng broth." 

- MICHELIN guide inspectors

"Oh, and for super authentic Korean, try Ssyal Ginseng House. Whenever I get super-homesick, this is my hidden gem/go-to place"

- Chicago Tribune interview with 

Pastrey Chef. Ji Yoon at Acadia (Michelin 2 Star)

"It's a meal that's both satisfying and good for you, no matter which country you're from."

- ABC7 News 

"A wildly bubbling broth that’s subtly enriched with ginseng"

- TimeOut Chicago

"There are three things I crave when the weather is as cold as its been this week in Chicago:

1. Matzo ball soup, to satisfy my inner child.

2. Pho, to provide not only a steaming, clove/cinnamon/star anise facial

3. Samgyetang, to actually make me feel better."

- ABC7 Chicago Hungry Hound

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