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Our story

The name “Ssyal” translates to “seed” in Korean. As the name implies,

we wanted to be sprout as a real Korean taste in the Chicago area.
Since our humble beginnings as a ginseng farm, we have proudly become a staple of authentic Korean cuisine for the past 30 years.
And as always, our mission of providing exceptional tasting Korean food and gracious hospitality to our neighbors in Chicago has remained unchanged.

1988 Woodstock, Illinois


Second attempt

1994 Chicago

Real Korean Taste

We have decided to use our best quality ginsengs to provide the delicious Samgye-tang for Korean-Americans living in the Chicago area.

2004 Chicago

15 years Anniversary


Under the philosophy of providing the most authentic Korean cuisines to our customers. We have not only excited nostalgia to Korean customers but also satisfied the taste of American customers. 

2022 Chicago

33 Years Anniversary

1988 Missouri

First attempt

We first settled in Missouri to produce the excellent quality ginseng in the United States. However, the climate of Missouri was not suitable. for ginsengs which made us move our farm to Woodstock, Illinois.

1993 Woodstock, Illinois

First harvest after planting


After 6 years of constant endeavor, we have finally produced the best quality ginsengs that we could proudly introduce to our customers.


1998 Chicago

Moved to new place

Moved to 4201 W. Lawrence Ave

(Current location)

2014 Chicago

25 Years Anniversary 

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